What are the 23 content marketing tools?

What is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is a form of marketing that focuses on creating, publishing content for a target audience, and its distribution of online material that directly or indirectly promotes a brand. It attracts new clients by creating and sharing valuable free content. Content marketers deliver large amounts of content within a content marketing strategy. Before we step down into tools of content marketing, first we will talk about types.

Types of content marketing?

  • E-mail:-  Email is the old and cost-effective way of marketing. In an email, you can send newsletters and offer potential customers to motivate them to read your email.
  • Video:- It is another most important type of content marketing. It helps to boost interactions among potential customers through social and digital channels.
  • Blog:- It is a cost-effective way to promote business and boost organic traffic. A blog provides valuable information to potential clients.

So now we  step down to content marketing tool list

Hubspot:- It is inbound marketing that provides content marketers to create useful content that generates sales and drive leads. It is used for B2B & B2C and for small medium and large enterprises.

Hubspot |Content Marketing Tools|
Hubspot-Content Marketing Tools

Grammarly:- It is the best tool to clear out minor grammatical mistakes. 

Grammarly |Content Marketing Tools|
Grammarly – Content Marketing Tools

Slack:- It is a workplace communication tool. It is made up of channels where teams can work together and share ideas. Slack is the own software that is used for building bridges between different teams. It is helpful for content marketers to make a plan for content and social sharing.  

Slack |Content Marketing Tools|
Slack – Content Marketing Tools

Trello:- It is a project management tool that makes planning. It used boards to represent projects. In Trello, you organize and track all the files and projects in one place. It helps content marketers with growth experiments, sales, and roadmaps feature for product 

Trello |Content Marketing Tools|
Trello – Content Marketing Tools

SEMrush:- It is a digital marketing tool that is created for SEO/ SEM professionals. Content marketers provide engagement data to help them rank higher in search engines. It is helpful for freelancers, startups, and for large businesses. 

SeMrush |Content Marketing Tools|
SeMrush – Content Marketing Tools

DrumUp:- It is a content marketing tool that pulls content-based keywords on the platforms. It is also a social media management tool that schedules and shares content via platforms.

DrumUp |Content Marketing Tools|
DrumUp – Content Marketing Tools

Buzzsumo:- It is a great tool for content marketers to identify content and keywords. It helps you to find a target keyword for the content.

Buzzsumo |Content Marketing Tools|
Buzzsumo – Content Marketing Tools

Quora:- It is a good online community for content marketers to find what questions their target audience. It helps content marketers by improving lead generation and by getting more traffic 

Quora |Content Marketing Tools|
Quora – Content Marketing Tools

Twitter:- It is a great tool to see which topics are trending in your industry along with hashtags and target audience. Twitter is used to grow your audience and promote your account to gain new followers and boost engagement and visibility.  

Twitter |Content Marketing Tools|
Twitter – Content Marketing Tools

Feedly:- It is a good tool to stay up to date on the latest news in your industry and it easily collects content in less time to find and read your content in the feed. With the pro version, you can schedule and share your posts with Hootsuite. Feedly totally looks like Twitter. In Feedly,  you can gather information for marketing and advertising, It is helpful for content marketers to keep materials up to date 

Feedly |Content Marketing Tools|
Feedly – tools of content marketing

Iconmastr:- It is a great tool for content marketers to use free icons without any restrictions.

Iconmastr |Content Marketing Tools|
Iconmastr -23 tools of content marketing.

 Uberflip:- It is a unique content marketing tool that helps marketers to create optimized content. The tool also provides marketing automation to bridge the gap between content and demand generation 

Uberflip |Content Marketing Tools|
Uberflip – Content Marketing Tools

 DivvyHQ:- DivvyHQ is the best tool for content marketers to manage calendars and workflow across several clients. It helps to move your idea into accountability beyond your content planning and writing.

DivvyHQ |Content Marketing Tools|
DivvyHQ – 23 tools of content marketing

 Keywordtool.io:- It is a significant tool that allows users to enter your keyword and view top keywords and questions on Youtube, bing, and across the mobile store’s app.

 Canva:- Canva is an online platform and it is best for designing. It allows you to create brochures, infographics, posters, flyers, and presentations for your business. 

Canva |Content Marketing Tools|
Canva – Content Marketing Tools

 Moz:- It is an extension that generates SEO metrics into keywords and other page elements based on the websites. It helps to monitor your site ranking for any keyword 

Moz |Content Marketing Tools|
Moz – 23 tools of content marketing

 Airstory:- It is best for writing papers and collecting research and it exports your notes, ideas in one spot. It is the dominant platform for writers and it is an amazing tool for collaboration.

Airstory |Content Marketing Tools|
Airstory – Content Marketing Tools

 Google search console:- It is one of the best tools for content marketers. It is mainly used for keyword research and site growth. It helps content marketers to track keywords and performance. It is the best indicator for brand growth.

Google search console |Content Marketing Tools|
Google search console – 23 tools of content marketing

 Asana:- It is a work management tool that allows teams to work together on projects, daily tasks. It provides an option to organize tasks and eliminates the need for collaboration and email for communication.

Asana |Content Marketing Tools|
Asana – Content Marketing Tools

 Ceros:-  Ceros is an experiential content creation tool that helps marketers to create highly engaging content. The best part is in this that you don’t need any coding to get started.

 SendinBlue:- It is the best marketing tool that helps businesses to optimize email campaigns. It helps you to increase the open rate of emails by using algorithms. It provides SMS messaging services that are user-friendly.

SendinBlue |Content Marketing Tools|
SendinBlue – 23 tools of content marketing

 Mailchimp:- Mailchimp is the most important tool of content marketing. It manages email across all the devices with unique features like metrics and lists.

Mailchimp |Content Marketing Tools|
Mailchimp – Content Marketing Tools

 Scribus:- Scribus is a free publishing tool. In this, you can create brochures, flyers, and books.

Content is king, and it is an important component of any marketing strategy. Using content, can generate sales, attract more customers to the website. It is part of inbound marketing in which people find interesting information via search engines.

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