Best Web hosting services provider in India

Are you planning to start your online business? Do you have a website?  In the process of digital marketing, a business must-have websites, use search engines, videos, blogs, social media, and similar channels to reach customers. But the foremost thing you need to know about is, What is a website? Who provides web hosting services? Which are the best web hosting service providers?

 A website is a mixture of two words ‘web’ and ‘site’. In layman language, the web can be considered as the online world and the site is the address where activities related to a business happens. For example, Hisar Institute of Digital Marketing has its website as  A website can be formed and organized by an individual, group, business, or organization for a variety of businesses. For creating websites, we need domain and hosting.

A domain name identifies a website. For example, the domain name of HiDM is “” Each website has a domain name that obeys as an address, which is used to access the website. A hosting service is a type of service that allows individuals and organizations to make their websites accessible on the World Wide Web.


 In simple words, when you buy hosting, you are purchasing server space where you can upload and store all your website files. Whenever any user tries to access your website, they make a request to your website, and in return, your web hosting delivers the requested files to the user. A good and reliable web hosting can benefit your online business by providing the following website-related services.

• High website speed and performance

 • High website uptime

 • 24/7 customer support

 • Cost-effective pricing

 I have written this blog for discussing the best web hosting services provided by different companies.



When we make a list of the best web hosting services in India, Godaddy is the best name to remember. It was established in 1997. Godaddy empowers more than 20M entrepreneurs every day, having trusted customers with more than 82M + domains name.  GoDaddy provides an economic plan under the shared hosting environment. The plan cost starts with Rs.149/month when you will sign in for a minimum of 12months. They provide two more shared hosting plans, deluxe for Rs.419/month and unlimited for Rs. 79/month respectively. But these plans lack benefits like SSL certificates, backups, site transfer, security, etc. 

GoDaddy has a drawback in terms of value for money. But, if you sign-up for their web hosting services, you will get the most basic features like 1 free domain, unmetered bandwidth, 100GB of storage, and a free email account. You will get a free email account and domain registration but only available for 12 months in the first year of subscription.

Best Web hosting services provider in India | Digital Marketing Course In hisar
Best web hosting service provider: Godaddy


Hostinger was established in 2004. It is one of the best web hosting companies in India. On average, more than 15k new user signups every day. More than 29M active customers are using hosting services. It offers a prime feature of increasing the speed of the website and reliability. Hostinger consists of not only shared, VPS ( virtual private server ), WordPress hosting but it also provides MINECRAFT WEB HOSTING. If you want to own a gaming setup then you must choose hostinger web hosting services without thinking twice.

Moreover, the shared hosting package ranges from Rs-79 month, with a single certificate, 100GB bandwidth, an email account, and more. It is considerable to see that even at the lowest package with enough features, you can start a website smoothly.

Best Web hosting services provider in India | Digital Marketing Course In hisar
Best web hosting service provider: Hostinger


 Bluehost is a leading web hosting provider. Bluehost was established in 2003. The company has built a high level of trust among its users and it is enough to be the best web hosting service provider. Blue host provides shared hosting in three different plans. The plans start with $2.36/month, plus the plan cost $4.03month and choice plus cost with $4.03/month. When it’s about keeping the website online, Bluehost is doing well with 99.99% uptime throughout the year. Moreover, the shared hosting gets accommodated with 50GB of SSD storage space, free SSL certification, free domain registration for the first year, an e-mail account, and more. It is best for small businesses.

Best Web hosting services provider in India | Digital Marketing Course In hisar


 Site ground is known for being the best web hosting service provider in India for its attested shared hosting environment. It was established in 2004. Currently, the company is providing cloud hosting, WordPress hosting as well as dedicated hosting services. Over 20,000,00 domains are hosted so far on-site ground in a short duration time. If you go for site ground hosting for your website, you get starting package from $3.95/month; well it is quite a high range.

Site ground wins the hearts of the customer by .99% average run. Moreover, the most basic shared hosting plan gets accommodated with 10 GB storage, free WordPress, free SSL certificate, free E-Mail account, free CND, daily backups, and many more. 

Best Web hosting services provider in India | Digital Marketing Course In hisar
Best web hosting service provider: Siteground


 Inmotion is one of the most popular names in the web hosting service provider. It was established in 2001. Over time company has created a huge number of customers. Approx 30,000,00 domain names are maintained by two data centers. The introductory plan is available at only $3.99/month. Inmotion is really best for beginners as well as established business websites. Their plans accommodate free domain registration, 40GB storage space unlimited bandwidth, free SSL certificate, and to get more, they also provide at least 2 websites in a single hosting account.

Best Web hosting services provider in India | Digital Marketing Course In hisar
Best web hosting service provider: Inmotion


Greengeeks was founded in 2008. By having their two effective data centers, Greengeeks provide service to customers in over 150 countries. Greengeeks is known for its eco-friendly approach. More than 6,000,00 websites are hosted by Greegreeks. Having 500,00 more customers, Greengeeks claims to be one of the best web hosting service providers in India. The introductory plan gets started at $2.95/month. The lowest price rate is bound up with 3 years of sign-ups only.

If you register on monthly basis, you may have to pay $9.95/month. Greegreeks provide services like unlimited bandwidth, unlimited storage, free SSL certificate, single-click app installation, industry-standard performance with reliable uptime, and power caches tools is included.

Best Web hosting services provider in India | Digital Marketing Course In hisar
Best web hosting service provider: Greengeeks

So I hope this blog on the best web hosting services has been interesting to read and you get a glance at the best hosting service provider for your website.

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