Different type of ad extension

Different types of Ad Extension

In this article, we will talk about different types of ad extension and their importance. ad extension is very important when we are talking about creating ads on google. As it is a popular way to attract more customers to your ad. And also adding ad extension to your ad make it more detailed. Users can get to know more about you if you are adding an ad extension with the ad. Most people considered it a very useful technique. Choose ad extension according to your product and services. Ad extension also increases CTR.

Different types of ad extension

There are many ads extension, but first, we will talk about site link extension because it is the most used ad extension in google ads.

Sitelink extension

Sitelink extension takes users to the specific page of a website (for example: – blogs or shops etc.). These are the additional links. When any user clicks on the site links, they directly go to that webpage link inserted in the site links. These extensions give more options to the users so that they can visit their favourable webpage after watching your ad. you must have at least two site links and you can create up to 8 site links. The site link extension may have a different view on both mobile and pc.

Sitelink Extension

You can add your popular web pages to these site links.
Make an attractive title for these site links.

Callout extension

It is a very useful ad extension in google ads. in this extension you can include additional detail of your product and services in your ad. this feature allows you to add additional text in the meta description making it more detailed. this extension is highly customizable. you can also schedule when your callout shows. Callout extension can add more relevancy to the ad description making it easier to get to know about your product in detail.

Callout Extension

You can use your product speciality in this extension.

Call extension

Call extension let the user add a phone number to the ads, which can increase the clickthrough rate. Businessmen and servicemen can add their phone numbers on their websites so that users can call them for any query. This extension makes things convenient for the users. So, adding this extension to the ad can lead to more user engagement. You can also schedule your call extension at a specific time. Overall if your business values phone calls, then it is a kind of conversion.

Call Extension

Structured Snippet extension

This is a very useful extension if you want to promote your product and services for any specific field. This basically increases ad performance by giving more reasons to people to click. Here you can add product-specific details.
Choose the field in the structured snippet that is related to your product and services.
Try to put your business or services speciality in this extension.

App Extension

It is very helpful for those who are having their own app. App owner can promote their app through this kind of ad extension. This extension allows you to link your app with the text ad. This app extension can lead to more app downloads. App extension is a great way to let the users visit your website. Having a blog attached with the app in this type of extension also defines the type of ad extension making it more relevant for the user.
Add proper extension in this kind of ad extension to make it more relevant.

App Extension

Price extensions

You can show the price of your product and services through this kind of extension. Adding the discounted prices of any product and services in this type of ad extension can be very beneficial in getting user engagement.
You can add discounted prices to promote more customers

Lead form Extension

Lead form extension is a very effective way to generate leads by letting people submit their information in a form. It is also a very useful extension for creating campaigns and getting more out of the user visiting your ad. This type of ad is very beneficial for businesses. You can also take a survey through this kind of ad extension.
Put relevant questions only.
Try to put MCQ in the form. So that it becomes easier for the user to fill it.

Promotion Extension

You can provide offers through this kind of extension. This ad extension provides more value to your search network. It is a great way to promote your website on special occasions. In this type of extension also, you can add schedules. This type of ad can bring more sales to the e-commerce business.
Add promo codes
Well, these are some of the ad extensions present in the google ads. Using these kinds of extensions, you can make your ad more useful and lead to more conversions. You can take advantage of another feature too present in the google ads like you can use the keyword planner tool in google ads for keyword planning. The keyword planning tool is a very useful tool as users can find keyword volume and CPC(cost per click) etc. from it.
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