Digital Marketing course after MTech

MTech is a professional postgraduate engineering degree awarded after two years of study in the engineering discipline. An MTech degree is dependent on a specific branch of engineering. In India, ME/MTech degrees are available in a variety of specializations.

After an MTech degree, students often want to get employed by MNCs to gain experience; however, most people go on to earn a Ph.D. or MBA upon graduation. They do such Degree oriented courses to get more knowledge and higher package for a job in their respective fields.

But in today’s ever-changing world we all know that MTech degree courses are not enough to upgrade our skills. So, what’s the solution?

For that, we need to learn some short-term courses which can revamp our existing skills. Moreover, we can use these skills to generate side income.

So, let us discuss one of the trending skills you should do after MTech which every MNC needs in their employees.

Digital Marketing


What is digital marketing?

A digital marketing campaign is an online advertisement. It helps a brand to improve its online visibility by reaching its potential customer using the internet and other forms of digital communication. This includes SEO, SMO, SMM, Web designing without coding, E-mail marketing, etc.

How to Learn Digital marketing course after MTech?

There are no eligibility criteria to pursue a digital marketing course. Students from any career background can study digital marketing, the course is not only open to students in MTech programs.

Well! A digital marketing course isn’t hard to learn. However, choosing the right platform for a digital marketing course is much more difficult. HIDM is one of the best and leading platforms for teaching this course. we will discuss later their course structure and fees. However, it is one of the best short-term courses after MTech that will help you to get a high-paying IT job.

Let’s discuss in brief digital marketing course

To understand digital marketing, we must first realize that it is not a technical course after MTech. The statement doesn’t mean you don’t need to learn any technical work; it means you don’t need to learn coding or AI. It’s important to have a basic understanding of technical terms. For example, what is hosting? How to buy web hosting? How to buy a domain name? etc. are more than sufficient.

You need to have a basic understanding of the course structure and the courses you need to learn before enrolling in a digital marketing course after MTech.
SEO [Search engine optimization]

SEO stands for search engine optimization, which is at the core of a short-term course like digital marketing.

Therefore, SEO is the basis of digital marketing. The purpose of SEO is to improve a site’s visibility so that potential customers become aware of their brand.

In a digital marketing course, you will learn How to rank that site worldwide on the search engine result page on top? While learning digital marketing course you will learn certain techniques which help you to rank a website. Here are some techniques i.e., keyword planning, backlinking, building domain authority and page authority for your website, etc.

you must learn this skill after MTech as it covers the whole digital marketing in it. You can become an SEO specialist in a company, or you can work as a freelancer.

SEM (search engine marketing)

In search engine marketing, advertisers only pay for impressions that result in visitors, making it a cost-effective way for businesses to market. The bonus is that each visitor improves the website’s organic search rankings.

The objective of this course is to teach how to use Google AdWords, Google Search Console, and Google AdSense to run ads on a website and to expand the reach of the business. This module can prepare you for a career as an advertisement specialist in digital platforms. 

SMM [Social media marketing]

we all use various social media platforms i.e., Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, etc. so what’s the need of SMM in ranking a site, we know that most people are on social media and use it daily, so to better our brand visibility, we will learn that how to target the right audience? This makes it very easy to grow on SERP but after MTech, by learning the right techniques you can improve the visibility. Career option after learning SMM, you can become social media manager.

Mobile Marketing

This type of digital marketing generally refers to capturing the audience on their smartphones because nowadays, there are a billion users of smartphones, we can target our right audience by doing SMS, e-mail, and making mobile-friendly websites. We can reach more audiences in less time. To do effective mobile marketing, certain techniques must be learned. So, we will learn how to make mobile-friendly websites?

Content Marketing

It is a type of marketing that involves the creation and sharing of it online (such as videos, blogs, and social media posts) that does not only express the brand but is intended to stimulate interest in its product.

For your website content to rank on SERP (search engine result page), you need to learn content marketing. It is one of the growing industries these days so I will recommend you learn this skill after MTech as it will help you in the IT sector and corporate jobs.

E-mail Marketing

We all use email id and if you ever observe you receive emails from various websites you might visit for searching something and you left your mail there which they use to target you to sell their product or service.

Similarly, you can learn this technique to improve your website visibility organically. Example – ever received mails from e-commerce websites such as Flipkart, Amazon, and Myntra.

The daily update their targeted customers through e-mails about their offers and discounts. Similarly, you can update your audience about your product, blog, and services. By learning this technique after MTech you can target the potential customer for a company.


Blogging is information about a query generated by a user which we publish on our website to engage more users. In the past time, people use this as a storytelling and dairy style entry blog but nowadays most websites use blogging to increase brand visibility. They provide relevant information on their websites which they rank by using techniques.

In this course, you will learn how to create a blog on any niche? How to structure a blog in user effective manner? How to rank a blog on SERP?  you can learn these techniques in digital marketing after MTech and easily apply them to build your website or to blog on other websites. you can become a full-time Blogger as it is one of the most demanding skills.

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is often referred to as a “channel,” it is in fact a model or framework that allows brands to collaborate with individuals or firms (known as “affiliates,” “partners,” and “publishers”), track and measure their performance, and do so in an efficient, scalable, and cost-effective manner.

After learning this course, you can become a product specialist. Furthermore, you can deal in online products for other brands.

Future of Digital Marketing course after MTech


In this ever-changing Era, no. of people are using social media and the internet.

Since the number of users is increasing every day, every business and company is trying to boost their online presence, which is why they hire a digital marketer who can keep their brand visible on social media and target their potential customers at a low-cost price. MTech post-post-graduates can enhance their skills and earn a fascinating salary by working in marketing. Companies are willing to pay a good salary to marketeers for this skill.

In addition, it is one of the most demanding short-term courses after MTech in terms of skill development.

Why choose Digital Marketing as a career option after MTech?

Short-term courses in high demand

Digital Marketing is one of the most demanded short-term courses after MTech. As the number of internet users is increasing, the demand for digital marketers is also increasing. After MTech, you can learn this short-term course to improve your skills and get a good job in the corporate sector.

Helps to upgrade your skills

In addition to getting some working experience after post-post-post-post-graduate, you might need to update your skills. A short-term course like digital marketing, which improves your career prospects in the IT industry, Moreover, an MTech post-post-post-graduate can learn this course in 3 months.

Promising income source

While you may not get a high-paying job after MTech, you can earn a good income by learning this skill set.

Expands your reach

After MTech, digital marketing is the only platform that will allow you to reach clients globally and build an audience.

An admirable job

A digital marketer is responsible for shaping a company’s web development and coding processes, as he decides how a website will be ranked, thus the web developer must follow the digital marketer’s guidelines, which is a key reason why this job is admirable.

Let’s discuss HIDM [Hisar Institute of Digital marketing]

HiDM is a venture of Jugaadin Digital Services Pvt Ltd. It is a young and premier institute of North India that aims to bridge the gap between the industry’s increasing digital training needs and the availability of trained talent.

HiDM offers career-oriented digital marketing courses in Hisar that can boost an individual’s self-confidence and make him stand out from the crowd.

The benefit of pursuing a Digital marketing course from HIDM after MTech

30+ Deeply Discussed Modules

·Certification from Google, HubSpot, Microsoft

·Extensive course content

·Affordable fees

·Hosting of seminars

·15+ tools

·Job assistance

·Training by Digital marketing professional

·Live projects and practical training under private limited for 2 months.

·Internship opportunities

Career options

Career options in digital marketing after MTech

·Web content manager

·Online reputation manager

·Online leads manager

·Marketplace manager

·Digital account manager

·Social media marketer

·Online advertisement

·Web developer

·Web designer

(Use course brochure to talk about HIDM)


There might be some FAQs, s in your mind, let’s discuss them

·What is the future of digital marketing course after MTech?

In the future, every company will be moving towards digital marketing, so the scope of digital marketing is broader than you think. After all, it costs them less. Moreover, it makes it easier to reach target customers and as an MTech post-graduate, you can apply your techniques because digital marketing is full of dynamic changes, and an MTech post-graduate in my perspective can grab that easily and can generate good income through this.

·Is digital marketing course good for an MTech post-graduate having a non-MBA?

Most people think to apply for an MBA course after MTech, but you all know that you need work experience in a good company. So, for that, you can learn a digital marketing course after MTech because it will help you to upgrade your skill and you can easily get a job in the reputed IT sector.


In conclusion, after all this information you can decide that a trending short-term course after MTech engineering i.e., digital marketing is helpful in various ways. such as improving your skills for the job, it can be a good source of income and it will also help you to get an honored job.

Furthermore, you can join a reputed institute like HIDM to learn a digital marketing course.

Thanks! Forgiving your precious time to read our blog about Trending Short-term course after MTech engineering.


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