What is Google People card?

Google people card is a card that is created on Google. It will help you to showcase yourself to the world. It is aimed at helping influencers, entrepreneurs, freelancers, self-employed people, influencers who want to help the world find them.

 Important note- Google doesn’t sure that your card will show up on Google search. The more and more information you provide in your card that will increase the chance of showing up your card in Google search results.

Now, we will be going to discuss how you can create your Google people card.

How To Create Google People Card?

 Step1– for creating your people card, firstly you need to sign in to your Google account, and then search your name for Google search.

 Step2- at the topmost result you will get an option of “add yourself in Google search”, then click on it and Get Started.

Step3- fills all the information you want to show publicly on your people card. Like, upload your image, your profession, about yourself, etc.

Step4– now, scroll down the page, you will see “preview” click on it.

Step5– if you get satisfied with your Google people card, then tap on “submit”.

Google People Card
Google People Card

 Note- it takes a few hours for your card to show up in Google search results. For people’s cards, Google also said that the user must verify the account with their unique mobile number. An individual has complete control over the information they are included in their card. If an individual wants to stop their details from appearing in search they can also do it.

How People Card is secure?

•       To make sure people find relevant and helpful information, Google has put several protections and controls. Google also added safeguard mechanisms to get protected against offensive content.

•       There is also a feedback button with the help of these users who can identify and report low-quality information or a card they believe was created by a mimic. (Individual who do fraud)

•       For people who are looking to find someone on Search results with their name, the card will get available. There will be a list with the name, location, and profession on which users can tap to see their people card.

•       For people who share the same name, the Search result will going to show multiple results. The unique/different details will help users to distinguish between different people to find accurate information.

Guidelines for your people card

It helps people to find and make you different from others when any individual searches for your name on Google:

1. Only include the relevant information. If you submit invalid content about what you do and who are you, Google may remove your card.

2. Create your card with a suggested field like “profession” or ”hometown”. If no suggestions get fit, you can add your own free text.

3. Keep your info updated. Google may stop showing your result if you don’t update or verify for a long time.

If Google sees content that violates terms and conditions, they will ask you to change it. Otherwise, they will send you a message with the steps which include how to change the content or call the decision. With repeated attempts, they will cancel your access to this service.

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Digital marketing course

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