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22 Advanced SEO Techniques in 2022 To Double Your Search Traffic

Do you want to know the 22 advanced SEO techniques in 2022? Would you like to grow your website’s organic search traffic? Do you want to improve the user experience for your site? Do you want to improve Google Search ranking and Alexa Ranking? So, you are in the right place to know about all these. Before starting with SEO techniques, you must be aware of two types of techniques: On Page SEO techniques and Off Page SEO techniques.

On Page SEO Techniques are the activities done on the web pages of any website to improve ranking on the Search Engine Result Pages (SERP) whereas Off Page SEO Techniques are the activities done on someone else’s website to improve the trust authority of any website on the SERP.

Now, Let’s start with all the 22 advanced SEO techniques in 2022 to double your organic search traffic: –

1. You have to be serious about the accurate length of your content and its keyword density

Many tools are available online to check the accurate length of your articles or blogs along with keyword density. There are various types of niches, and the length of your content depends on your specific niche. If you are working with sale pages, you may need words of content upto 800 approximately. In case of some information about an incident, you have to give more detail with upto 4,000+ words approximately. You have to maintain keyword density with 2% to 3% per 100 words of your content.

2. Optimize your website’s CTR by improving the meta title

CTR is the Click Through Rate, it means how many users click on your website’s title link after viewing the search engine result of the searched query by them. By adding some compelling keywords to the meta title of your site, you can improve it. Your title must follow the Guidelines by Google for meta-titles. It is one of the basic On Page Optimization techniques.

3. Look for the pages which are declining traffic

There are always some pages on your website which are not able to engage the users or clients. Or you find users are leaving from some specific pages that are not satisfying their queries. Please find all those pages and make changes accordingly if possible, otherwise remove them and create something engaging. Also, update the older content so that Search Engines may keep an eye on your site.

4. Keep in mind to add related FAQs to place it with search intent

When a user searches a query, sometimes, he/she may not be satisfied with accurate results. But some related results are also mentioned on the SERP as “People also ask” and “Related Searches”. These searches are also capable of satisfying the user’s intent. It is a technique to catch the user when the query of the user is not accurately matched but related to it. It is also considered a good tactic in one of the 22 advanced SEO techniques in 2022. So, always try to add related FAQs about the content of your website.

5. Keep an eye on the Bounce rate of your website

By the term Bounce Rate, you may get an idea that something is going wrong on your site. When the user exits from the very first interactive page, it is said to be a Bounce. From the definition, you may conclude that it is based on the user experience, or in simple words, if the user doesn’t like the interface or website structure, then the user may leave.

6. Publish posts that are easily readable

Readability is also one of the techniques of 22 advanced SEO techniques in 2022 and it also improves Google Search ranking. It is an On-Page SEO technique, according to which your content should be readable and understandable by a 5-year-old kid. Publish quality content with compelling headings and also try to reduce sentence length to make the paragraph shorter and easy to understand.

7. Use some compelling lines to keep the flow of your customers

Always remember to add some quotes or compelling lines to engage more with your users or clients. It is very important to keep the reader’s interest. Try to design the pattern of your content with these compelling lines. Users always feel connected and appreciated if you put in some effort from your side.

Some of the examples of such Compelling Lines

Do I have your attention?Do you want to learn how toLet’s get startedIn short
Think about that for a minuteHave you ever found yourselfLet’s dig a little deeperLet’s recap
I know the feelingImagine what it would be likeLet me explainIn a nutshell
OK, I know what you’re thinkingHave you wondered whyLet me show you howBut don’t take my word for it

8. Work on the sequence of writing

The sequence writing technique helps users to communicate more easily with your site’s content. For example, First of all, give a short introduction about the content, then go for the main story, and finally suggest what else needs to be added with the conclusion. Always provide valued content in the beginning to users.

9. Improve the structure of your web pages

It is the most common and frequently used On-Page SEO Technique to improve the user experience on the site. Nobody on the internet either businesses or marketers will say that they are not working on it, but they do. As the structure of the website not only make your content’s placement synchronized but also increases the users’ engagement time. For example, a site must have Sliders in the header section, text with media content in the body section, and important navigation linked with contact information in the footer.

10. Improve website speed on mobiles as well as desktop

Website speed depends on two major factors. First, the web hosting you are using for your website, and second, the content itself on the website. There are some technical practices to improve the website’s load time on both mobiles as well as desktop. You can optimize it by enabling browser caching and compression, compressing images size, removing unnecessary Minify HTML, CSS, JavaScript, etc. code, and reducing server response time.

11. Try to set up a voice search

This is the Off Page SEO Technique done on the platforms which provide voice search facilities. Google and Amazon are working for a long time to develop this feature. By this feature users just say their queries and get a specific relevant result. You have to work hard on long-tail keywords to get a chance to appear in the result.

Voice Search Optimization - 22 Advanced SEO techniques in 2022
Voice Search Optimization

12. Work on sequence clusters of topics over keywords

The Search Engine like Google never suggests you to work only on keywords over the content. Work on the good informative topic sequence by dividing it into various parts which also helps in internal linking. For example, you want to write about “Digital Marketing” and what you have to do is just write the related content titles like “Digital Marketing Course”, “Digital Marketing Services”, “Career Options in Digital Marketing”, etc. so that you can write about them and create internal links easily. By this, you are also targeting all the specific keywords for the specific audience.

13. Be more specific about the target audience

Being more specific about the target audience means you have to work on the needs, interests, and satisfaction of your real customers or you can also call it knowing Buyer’s Persona. When you come to know everything about your customers’ persona and would like to find more such customers, take the help of Google Analytics as it tells you what all the activities, customers are doing on your website.

14. Have a research on Intent Targeting Keywords

Intent targeting keywords consist of three things – Informational, commercial, and transactional. The informational part contains a huge piece of content which leads users to the transactional part which tells about the actual price range or expected price range according to the users’ need, and in the end, users move towards the transaction part which provides the related products, offers or discount coupons so that user feel motivated to do the transactions. This type of technique is mostly used in sales funnels and remarketing the same customers for related products and services.

LSI Keyword Optimization - 22 Advanced SEO Techniques in 2022
Keyword Optimization for Funnels

15. Work on Latent Semantic Indexing

Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) is an On Page Optimization technique, where Similar keywords or synonyms should be included in the semantic markups of the HTML tags which are heading tags (“<h1>”, “<h2>”, and “<h3>”). Content length should be upto 1200 to 1500 words so that you can describe all the heading or sub-heading content in a great way. It helps the search engines determine how much of the content is relevant to the query of the user.

16. Try other platforms to get more advantage in SEO

Always try to connect the main social media platform popular in your region or country to your website. It helps in gaining authority and trust so that users can engage with it. In India, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, LinkedIn, Twitter, and YouTube are the social platforms having a great engagement rate.

Let’s take an example of YouTube, how does it help you get more advantage in SEO. YouTube is the platform for video content. Keep in mind that the video content should also be SEO friendly with the right Title and Description. To do so, use YouTube’s Video Chapters feature. By this, the creator can create sections in the video related to the content with individual section previews. Try to create custom thumbnails and video playlists so that viewers spend more time there. Don’t forget to add your website to the video description. If possible, add that video to the related content page on your website.

17. Manage the database of your backlinks

As you know creating backlinks is one of the most crucial phases of off page SEO techniques. Creating backlinks is important because it increases the authority of that webpage as well as the domain. But do you ever think if any backlinks you created earlier became dead will make affect your domain ranking? If you want to get rid of these types of issues, you have to maintain a proper database i.e. maybe an excel sheet. So that you can find and remove that dead link to get better results.

Web Hosting Server - 22 Advanced SEO Techniques in 2022
Database Management

18. Be sure your site must have SSL

SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer. Nowadays Search Engines have also started giving weightage either a website has SSL or not. SSL is a security encryption layer between the application on which are running the internet i.e., internet browser, and the web hosting server of your website. It reduces the chances of fraud or cybercrime due to which users feel the security to open the URL of your website.

19. Set up AMP for smartphones or mobile

AMP stands for Accelerated Mobile Page. It is a piece of code that helps the website to load faster on mobile devices. It is an initiative by Google for all the publishers to make their site mobile responsive or mobile-optimized content. If you are a developer, you should know about three components that combine all the Accelerated Mobile Page (AMP): HTML Tags, AMP JS, and AMP Cache. It is again an On Page SEO Technique.

20. Redirect URL with error 404.

You may face these common errors so many times like HTTP 404, 404 not found, 404, 404 error, page not found, or file not found that means the browser which you are using is able to communicate with the server but the server is unable to get what is being requested from the user end. This is also said to be a broken or dead link. Both users as well as search engine crawlers are stuck at that broken link and may exit from there. So it is necessary to look for these types of links. There are many tools available to resolve this issue. Google analytics also help you to know from where your end-user exit the website. Optimizing this kind of error helps you not loosing your true audience.

Error 404 - 22 Advanced SEO Techniques in 2022
Error 404 Optimization

21. Keep a check on directory listings.

No doubt Google is a powerful search engine but still, it relies on some other website with local commercial directories. These directories consist of your business name, phone number, address, etc. commercial details so don’t forget to add yourself to such listings. Google is also working on it as Google My Business by placing your shop or store on real-time maps with all your business details.

22. Create and optimize the landing page for local search.

When it comes to creating and optimizing landing pages for the local areas, you should go for Geo-targeting and informational keywords. It helps you set up a strong relationship and engagement with your nearby customers. Adding testimonials from the locality always encourages other customers.

There are a lot of things to keep in consideration but remember no one can be a top-class SEO Expert overnight. Always try to make efforts to deeply learn the basics of SEO and you will get results in your favor with great rankings, engagements, and Click-Through Rates (CTR).

Hope you find the article informative and learn the different 22 advanced SEO techniques in 2022 to double your search traffic. If you have any queries, please feel free to ask in the comment section. Have a nice day!

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