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What is web hosting: Its types, steps to purchase hosting, various Hosting providers


Web hosting means hosting for a website where it provides space for the data to store on the internet. In this guide, we will tell you every single thing about hosting. Now let’s take a quick overview of our guide.

This ultimate guide to web hosting will cover
  • •       What is web hosting?
  • •       Types of hosting.
  • •       How to purchase Hosting?  
  • •       Where do you buy hosting?
  • •       Best hosting service for your website.
  • •       Best hosting for your website.

What is Web Hosting?

Web Hosting is a service that allows organizations to introduce a website on the internet. A hosting provider that provides the services needed for a website on the internet. When internet users desire to view your website, all they need to do is type your address into their browser. Their computers will then connect to their server and your web pages will be delivered to them through the browser.

Types of Web Hosting:

  • •      Dedicated hosting
  • •      Shared hosting
  • •      Virtual Private Server(VPS) hosting
  • •      Cloud hosting
  • •      E-Mail hosting

Dedicated hosting:

Dedicated Hosting | Everything about web hosting | Examples for web hosting.
Dedicated web hosting

Dedicated hosting gives websites owners the most control over the server that their website is stored on. That’s because your website is the only one stored on it. This means that you can control everything on your website. There will be no issue with the server. This will result in a fast response by the target audience.

Dedicated server costs are one of the most costly web hosting options. Typically they are used by website owners with a high level of website traffic, and those who need complete control of their servers. In addition, a high level of technical expertise is required in this server.

Shared hosting:

Shared hosting | everything about shared hosting | Benefits of Shared hosting | Examples for shared hosting.
Shared web hosting : Benefits of Shared hosting

In shared hosting, a large number of websites are hosted on a single server. All the websites on that server share resources and each website are assigned a restricted amount of total server resource which is described by their hosting plan.

It is an economical way for small businesses to generate an online presence. Linux Shared Hosting and Windows Shared Hosting are certain types of shared hosting solutions and are provided as an option by approximately every web hosting provider. Your choice between Windows and Linux entirely depends upon the kind of coding language and development platform you will use for your website. For example  ASP.NET websites you will need to opt for windows shared hosting.

Virtual Private Server (VPS):

VPS | Virtual Privatyte Server | Exampless of Virtual Private Server
VPS: Virtual Private Server

Virtual private server that comes out as dedicated hosting, but is installed on a computer serving multiple websites. A private computer can have definite VPS, each one within its operating system that rushes the hosting software for a particular user.

VPS is a very affordable service provider for online businesses. Examples: InterServer Managed VPS Hosting.

Cloud Hosting

In cloud hosting, our applications are deployed on a cloud network rather than a single server. This hosting makes applications accessible using cloud resources. Cloud hosting is more dynamic which means it can perform better.

 InterServer Cloud Hosting is one of the fastest cloud hosting i.e. 20 times faster than traditional hard disks. These files are arranged in a RAID-10 configuration where visitors can access their data from more than one location. 

Examples: Dropbox, Google App Engine, and Microsoft Azure are some examples of cloud hosting. Some of these services are already familiar to us all.

E-Mail hosting:

E-mail hosting | Everything about email hosting
E-mail hosting

Email hosting is an online hosting service provider which rents out and operates email servers. This type of service is usually premium service. With an email server, you can have your needs met both in the short and long term. As well, you may even be able to create an unlimited number of accounts.

Example: Gmail can also be considered as email hosting.

How to buy web hosting:

  It is necessary to buy hosting because without hosting all data on your web are only available for you. You can use free hosting services to get the experience. Paid packages will be more convenient because of having more interesting features.

•      Steps to buy web hosting:

  •       Choose a new domain, or start with an existing domain: 
  •        Enter your account details: In this, you need to enter your Name, Address, Email address. Make sure you verify every detail, mainly your email address.
  •        Select the right package: This step is very crucial, here you should pay extra attention. Confirm that you are not overcharged for add-ons that you do not need. Choose the package as per your need.
  •        Complete your hosting process: Before, making your all payments clear. I suggest scrolling up and checking all the information again. By default, you will find the option of payment through credit card only. Yet click on “more payment options” and you will acquire “pay by PayPal options” as well.
  •        Select a password: This is the final stage of the web hosting process. Here you can choose your password to create a  complicated password. Now click on “Create” and that’s it.
  •        Log in to your web hosting: In your e-mail inbox, you will find a confirmation email with all of the information about your web hosting account. Here, the only thing is that you will not find the password that you created in the last step.

Now, return and click on “log in” at the top. In this type your domain name, and the password which you have chosen.

Click submit.
Congratulations! You have just purchased your web hosting process.

Where to buy web hosting service:

Here are some web hosting service providers:

  • Hostinger.
  • Bluehost
  • Dream host
  • HostGator
  • GreenGreeks


Hostinger | Best web hosting provider | Cheap web hosting provider |
Hostinger : Hosting service provider

  Hostinger has the most affordable plans overall. It is the best choice for beginners if you are looking for cheap web hosting. Hostinger has now over  29 million users. Hostinger is a supplier of fast and stable web hosting providers at low prices. Apart from these, hostinger offers of free domain, unlimited bandwidth and email accounts. With hostinger, you would be easily able to host any website using email accounts, FTP users.

Hostinger provides few products which give no limitation on the resources. It gives limits on disk space ( 100GB SSD) and for subdomains(100) that should be enough for most users.


Bluehost | Best web hosting service provider
Bluehost: Web hosting service provider

 Bluehost is a web hosting company owned by Endurance International Group. In 2021, Bluehost is one of the best web hosting service providers which provides various hosting solutions including Shared hosting, wordpress hosting, dedicated hosting. All bluehost plans come with money back guarantee and discounts for their latest customers.


Dreamhost web hosting service prodvider | Affordable web hosting service provider |
Dreamhost: Affordable hosting service provider

Dreamhost provides shared, VPS and dedicated hosting networks. Dreamhost also offers computing services for entrepreneurs. There is an option for live chat which is available in all accounts when the level of support email is low. The dreamhost company hosts in excess of one million domains.

Dreamhost is very affordable as it offers a month-to-month billing option. It is also a beginner-friendly hosting service. Dreamhost offers its own WordPress website for its users.


Hostgator | Hosting service provider |
Hostgator: Hosting service provider

Hostgator is the best web hosting provider for beginners as anyone who wants to grow online can benefit from hostgator. If you are a small, medium sized businessman. In this case, hostgator helps you and permits you to acquire online. Buying hosting services from hostagator also provides you to get tools, support and all the required features that can help you to create an impressive online presence.


Greengeeks | Hosting Service provider
Greengeeks: Web hosting service provider

Greengreeks provides a wide variety of hosting services. If you are a small business owner and need a web presence on a small budget then you can take help from greengreeks. Greengreeks provides different types of web hosting at a very affordable price.

Now, let us discuss Which type of hosting is best for you??

The answer for this will ultimately depend upon your website. Lets clear your query in very simple points:

Shared hosting:
  • This type of hosting is for personal or individual websites. Such as blogs.
  • Shared hosting is best for the starting companies for creating their first online presence.
Dedicated server:
  • This type of hosting is able to benefit from complete control over the website.
  • The Dedicated server is best for an established business with a large online presence.
Cloud hosting:
  •  This website is best for those who expect a huge amount of traffic or a website with more content.
  • For example: the website that may result in sudden traffic spikes
Virtual Private Server:
  •  This type of hosting is best for newly launched websites.
  • Virtual Private Server is for medium to large organizations able to measure their current website requirements.
To know more about: Types, needs, importance, Different hosting service providers of web hosting.
As we all know that web hosting is the backbone of our website. So, it is very important to choose the right web hosting. It is to be hoped that the above article helps you to gain all the necessary information about web hosting. If there is any question or query then you can ask in the form of a comment.

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