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7 Types of Digital marketing

 Well in today’s world, digital marketing is growing rapidly and that’s why more and more people have started using digital marketing for business growth. We can say that digital marketing is the most effective way to promote your product worldwide. Digital marketing benefitted many businesses. In this article, we will talk about the types of digital marketing. So here question also arises, has digital marketing replaced traditional marketing?

 So here is the answer

We can’t say digital marketing has totally replaced traditional marketing but, yes, it has created a huge impact on it.

Before understanding the types of digital marketing, let us know about traditional marketing in a short note.

Traditional marketing is an old process, which is used for marketing by using mediums like banners,  pamphlets, and newspapers, etc. This marketing process has its own significance, but now digital marketing is giving it a tough competition, as more and more people are spending their time online and searching for products and services online they want.

Now the question also arises, Why Digital Marketing?

So the answer is very simple:- Digital marketing is an effective and cheapest form of marketing, and conversion of leads to customers is high. So in this article, we will also talk about how digital marketing is cheaper than traditional marketing, but first of all, we will talk what are the types of digital marketing

Types of Digital Marketing:

1. SEO

So whenever we talk about digital marketing, the very first thing that comes into mind is SEO. So the question is why SEO and what it is? SEO is search engine optimization, it’s basically a technique or you can say it’s a method to bring your website to search results on the first page or top of SERP(Search Engine Result Page. Like everyone wants their search result on the top of SERP (Search Engine Result Page) because everyone knows that Google is having the most active users in the world, searching a lot of queries every second. So if your product comes on top of SERP, it may gain huge traffic (depends on the keyword you choose).

Types of digital marketing course | Search engine optimisation |  digital marketing course on hisar | Digital marketing institute
Types of digital marketing; Search Engine Optimisation

SEO is not a one-time process and it involves a number of techniques. An SEO strategy also tells how your article should be made so that it can rank on the top of SERP. HiDM provides an SEO certification course if you want to be an expert SEO.

2. SMM

SMM is also a part of digital marketing and it is a great way to promote your product online, as users are spending their most time on social media. So if you are doing social media marketing for your product, there are great chances of getting customers. And if you promote your product on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, you can also interact with customers easily or customers can interact with you because these social media platforms provide the messaging options.

Types of digital marketing course | Search engine optimisation |  digital marketing course on hisar | Digital marketing institute
Types of digital marketing: Social Media Marketing

Examples of social media platforms are Facebook, Instagram, Linked In, Twitter, Snapchat, etc. Social media platforms are also having advertising options. So business also chooses to advertise their products on social Media

3. Content Marketing

Content marketing is a way of providing valuable content and information about your product. Also in content marketing, companies use keywords that are related to their business, so that person searching a particular keyword, can find their article. Content marketing helps customers in knowing a particular product and comparing it with other products also. That’s why it is valuable for both customer and company if the company is providing true articles about their product.

4. Email marketing

Most people say that email marketing is not worthful. But it is not a complete truth. Today also Email marketing is one of the most effective types of digital marketing and this technique is used by most successful companies and websites Everyone is having a Gmail account. Many companies make beautiful posts and flyers to make their emails more interactive. There are many tools for Gmail marketing. One of the tools is So attractive gmails attract more customers towards your business.

5. PPC (Pay per Click)

Pay per click is a type of digital marketing in which paid advertisements on Google and other platforms are done. This strategy is mostly used by businesses to advertise their product online. This form of digital marketing requires money and it is termed an Inorganic traffic generation technique.  One has to pay for a per-click in this type of marketing. For example:- we see a lot of ads on Google and youtube, these ads are a part of pay-per-click. The cost of advertisement depends on the CPC of a particular keyword that the particular business is working on.

6. Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing becomes a new type of digital marketing with the growth of digital marketing.  More and more people are using mobile today, that’s why the company prefers mobile marketing to advertise their product. Companies get more user engagement in mobile marketing. People see blogs articles, videos, apps, and images. So mobile marketing uses all these things to promote or advertise a particular product. Mobile is easy to handle and carry, so people use mobile nowadays rather than using big pcs and laptops. So mobile marketing is growing.

7. Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing creates a name of the product in the market. Those who contact influencers to promote their product involves in influencer marketing. Every influencer is having different kinds of followers. Companies choose influencer those who are related to their product, as it helps the business to get more engagement to their product.

Now as you have read about the types of Digital Marketing, let’s discuss how digital marketing is cheaper. The answer is because we can do email marketing, SMM, SEO, and mobile marketing free of cost in digital marketing. Not every method of digital marketing is free of cost but it is cheap. For example, in PPC we have to pay for the per click but in traditional marketing like newspapers and pamphlets, we have to pay for every pamphlet and newspaper whether it is used or not. . But then also newspapers and pamphlets are having their own significance and digital marketing is having its own significance.  That’s why we can say both should be done but with changes in time and technology, businesses should and are moving to digital marketing. And anyone interested in learning a digital marketing course in Hisar can take a free demo class at HiDM.

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