If you are a digital marketer or a student pursuing a digital marketing course,  you must have research new trends of digital marketing sometime – somewhere. It is necessary to be updated about the latest digital marketing trends because a digital marketer should be aware of the latest technology changes and variations in Google algorithms. So having a piece of proper knowledge on algorithms, their features, and changes give the digital marketers the advantage to create effective market campaigns.

Before we start understanding the trends of digital marketing, we must have proper knowledge about what is digital marketing for a better understanding of trends.

Digital marketing is marketing that uses the internet and digital technology like computers, phones, and other digital platforms to promote goods and services.  Digital marketing developed during the 1990s and 2000s. It changes the way of brands and businesses use technology for marketing. As digital marketing platforms are increasing rapidly in marketing plans and every day to day life, and people are also increasing the use of digital devices instead of visiting shops, that’s why companies are moving towards digital marketing. If we compare traditional marketing and digital marketing, we can see that in traditional marketing user visits to shop for buying goods and services which is a time taking process. But in digital marketing, users can buy goods and services any time whenever a user wants as there is no time limit or other boundaries.

I have written this blog to discuss the digital marketing trends of 2021. So, Let’s discuss the latest trends of digital marketing 2021 in detail.


Chatbots are examined as one of the topmost digital marketing trends in 2021. The technology-based is on artificial intelligence which makes use for instant text chats with customers; it is designed for communicating with customers by messaging or auditory method.

The benefits to having such technology which can give answers to hundreds of questions at once are that it provides 24/7 customer service, answer to simplest questions and respond to inquiries. The chatbots also allow payment and tipping at times.

Digital marketing trends 2021 | digital marketing course in hisar
Digital Marketing Trends 2021: Chatbots


Video marketing is also among the topmost digital marketing trends in 2021 and is distinctly possible to stay at the top in upcoming years.

One of the problems faced by the marketers in the current year is to showcase long text on mobile screens, as it becomes difficult for the user to read. But through a video presentation, they can show the information in a better way on a device.

Digital marketing trends 2021 | digital marketing course in hisar

Digital Marketing Trends 2021: Video Marketing


The launch news of Instagram reels was the biggest news for marketers and content developers. Especially after TikTok gets banned in some countries, reels become the best replacement for it. The biggest news for digital marketers is that the reels are giving more traffic rate than the normal video.

As a marketer, you can use Instagram reels to display many kinds of content like information, About product reviews, etc. Effective reels and SEO-based content strategies are essential to grab the attention of customers in 2021.

Digital Marketing Trends 2021| Digital Marketing Course In Hisar
Digital Marketing Trends 2021: InstagramReels


Influencer marketing is also known as working with creators. To bring out the biggest influencer marketing campaign, you have to work with an expert social media influencer who shared your trademark value. An influencer can be a well-known celeb, you tuber or Instagrammer having a high follower base, he can help in rolling out the words about your business in his social network.

Digital marketing trends 2021 | digital marketing course in hisar
Digital Marketing Trends 2021: Influencer Marketing


Geofencing is a location-based service marketing that consists of many application or software programs like wifi, GPS, radio frequency identification, and cellular data to evoke targeted market measures such as text, e-mail, application notification, or social media advertisement. When a cell phone device gets in or out of the geographic boundary, it is known as geo-fence. For the firms who want to convert digital users into faithful customers, geofencing is proceeding to become more important in marketing plans.

Digital marketing trends 2021 | digital marketing course in hisar
Digital Marketing Trends 2021: Geo-Fencing


The communication between two different businesses is called B2B communication. 2021 has shown many upcoming technologies converting the way of business’s function and getting linked with one another.

Here are some trends which will change B2B digital marketing in 2021.

•             Using Martech stack which means a group of technologies is used to streamline internal collaboration, analyzing the performance of marketing campaigns, and conducting personalized and proactive communication with customers.

•             Theme based website

•             Focus on meaningful information

Digital marketing trends 2021 | digital marketing course in hisar
Digital Marketing Trends 2021: B2B Digital Marketing


There is a competition between brands and businesses to get higher ranks on Google search results. But, in order to get on the top result by SEO, commands a lot of time and effort. Another way for this is to pay to advertise, it makes it easy for the marketer to get rank on top. Consequently, it is becoming trusted digital marketing trends 2021.

Indicating about Google ads, one of the best features is “smart bidding” strategies. Marketing and brands need to consider the smart bidding attribute on Google ads. As it helps a marketer to save time and boost its performance.

Digital marketing trends 2021 | digital marketing course in hisar
Digital Marketing Trends 2021: Google Ads Smart Bidding

So I hope this blog on trends of digital marketing in 2021 has been interesting to read and you get a glimpse of the latest digital marketing trends for your upcoming projects.

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