Job-oriented courses after B.Com

Want to learn job-oriented courses after graduation in commerce?

After graduation, It is not easy to find a high-paying job for a graduate. Moreover, in today’s tech-savvy era, it is hard to find a good-paying job in the corporate sector as they are looking for an employee with a professional degree and some extra co-curricular skills which makes you multi- tasking.

Do you want a high-paying job after graduation?

umm! You have three options i.e., choose post-graduation programs, professional courses & 6 months diploma courses to make a career after graduation.

Let’s discuss the various career options after graduation-
Post-graduate courses to make a career in after B.Com Graduation:

M.Com(Masters in Commerce)-

It is one of the most preferred career options after It’s a 2-year course after

How to enroll in M.Com Course?

You can apply for this post-graduation degree in government and private colleges. Moreover, you can learn this course through distance education from one of your favorite colleges.

Following are the fields in which you can pursue
  • Finance
  • Marketing
  • Accounting
  • Banking
  • Economics
  • Management
  • Taxation

All these fields create lucrative job opportunities for M.Com graduates. I consider this as an average job-oriented course after graduation

5 Best Colleges providing M.Com post-graduation degree:
  1. Hansraj College, University of Delhi
  2. Shree Ram College of Commerce, University of Delhi
  3. MCC- Madras Christian College, Chennai
  4. Amity University (Online)
  5. IGNOU- Indira Gandhi National Open university
Career options after
  1. Eligible to work in the corporate sector as a banker, marketer, accountant, and tax consultant.
  2. Pursue P.hd and work as a professor in a reputed university.

Average salary:3-7 LPA

MBA Postgraduate (Masters in Business Administration)

It is one of the best career options after I consider it the best job-oriented course for commerce graduates. The course duration is 2 years.

Ways to enroll in Master of Business Administration:
  1. CAT exam (Common Admission test)– Most preferred test to pursue your MBA post-graduation from a reputed business schools like IIM and some Top business schools. In this Common Admission test, both engineers and non-engineers can apply.
  2. Online education– you can also learn MBA through online mode from top universities like NMIMS, Amity university and many more. They provide online courses with affordable fees. Moreover, they also provide good job opportunities.
Following is the list in which you can pursue MBA post Graduation-
  1. Finance management
  2. Marketing and sales
  3. Human resource (HR)
  4. Banking and Insurance
  5. Operation management
  6. Transport and logistics
  7. Business Analytics
  8. International management

If you pursue MBA in any of these fields, it will be considered as the best career Option after graduation in commerce that will yield good income to you.

Best colleges for MBA
  1. IIMs-Indian Institute of management
  2. IBS-Indian business schools
  3. NMIMS- Narsee Munjee institute of management science
  4. Symbiosis, Pune
  5. Xavier school of management
Career options after MBA:
  •  Finance Manager
  • Marketing Manager
  • Market Research Analyst
  • Media Planner
  • Training and Development
  • Supply Chain Manager
  • Operations Manager

Average Salary after MBA in India 10-25 LPA.

List of Professional courses after graduation in commerce
 LLB[Bachelors of Legislative Law]

Yes, you read right i.e., you can pursue a career after in LLB. While most of your friend circle might be busy preparing for the corporate sector, you can build a professional career in Law.

Course Duration– 3 years after

Type of degree– Undergraduate Degree after

Why LLB after

Well! LLB is considered a good career option after because:

  1. High in demand
  2. Helps to enhance the social status
  3. Satisfactory income
  4. Easy access to a lucrative opportunity
How to pursue LLB after

Three steps to follow to pursue LLB after

  1. Entrance exam: you need to clear the CLAT exam for getting admission toIndia’s 14 top national colleges. By clearing this exam you can get admission tothe best college with very fewer fees.
  2. Interview round: Scoring good marks is not the only step to gettingto a good college, you have to proceed in the interview round of a particular law college to get admission.
  3. College admission: If you cleared the interview you will be eligible to pursue a bachelor’s in legislative law in your respective college.
List of top colleges for LLB
  1. National Law school of India, Banglore
  2. National Law University, New Delhi
  3. National law university, jodhpur
  4. Symbiosis university
  5. Christ university
Career option after LLB
  1. Advocate
  2. Government Service
  3. Legal Advisor
  4. Legal Analyst
  5. Legal Researcher

 Average Salary: 50k-2lakh

CA [Chartered Accountancy]

Most people think that it’s too late to join the CA course after B.Com. But you can easily pursue CA after B.Com. Moreover, many students choose this career option after course duration is of 3 years after B.Com.

If you pursue CA after, it will become slightly easy because it includes similar subjects to
Which Subjects are similar?
  • Business Statistics
  • Financial management
  • Business Mathematics
  • Business law
  • Commercial knowledge
  • Auditing
  • Economics
  • Income tax law
  • Financial Accounting

Certification: ICAI

CPA [Certified Public Accountant]

This option is best for those who wish to build their career after abroad. CPA stands for Certified Public Accountancy. The American Institute of certified public accountants provides resources on obtaining the license. It is one of the best career options after for those who wish to develop their career abroad.

Requirements to pursue CPA after

You are eligible to join CPA after if you are passed out in one go from NAAC certified university.

Experience– 2 to 3 years required

we need to pass the CPA exam.

Career options after CPA:

Public Accounting

Management Accounting

Financial Analyst

Government sector

Corporate accounting

Certification: AICPA

CS [Company secretary]

It is one of the financially stable careers after Moreover, After the course, you can directly take admissions in CS because you don’t need to give CS foundation exam.

How to pursue CS after

After, it is not required to give CS foundation exams. You directly need to give the CS executive exam which further has two groups. Moreover, the CS exams are conducted twice a year, once in June and another in December in which you can choose a cycle of exams according to your comfort.

Now, after completing CS executive group you need to join an internship under a certified person or company. If you choose to do an internship after clearing CS executive group then the course duration will be 2 years.

Course duration– 2 years


Career Options:
  • Corporate Governance Services
  • Corporate Secretarial ServiceCorporate Laws Advisory Services
  • Representation Services
  • Arbitration & Conciliation Services
Other options
  1. CMA { certified management accountant}
  2. CFA{Chartered Financial Analyst}
  3. ACCA{ Association of certified chartered accountant}

6-month diploma courses after   Ok! Let’s talk about one of the most trending 6-month diploma courses which help you to generate side income or you can choose this course as your profession because it creates long term opportunities for you to earn. Moreover, you can upgrade your skillset for corporate jobs just After

CIB[certification in investment banking]

Certification in investment banking is Six months-long certification course after your job in this field is to raise the capital of your clients by selling debts and buying equity.

Eligibility: Graduation

Duration: 6 months

Career options:

Banking Private equity

Research corporate finance

Data science certification

Data science is another best career option after Most organizations are dependent on data for which they need data scientist experts to sort out business.

Eligibility: Graduation

Duration: 3 to 4 months

Job opportunities

Data science generalize

Research scientist

Machine learning engineer

Data engineer investigations & Data journalism

Supply chain management[scm]

SCM is the best career option for students who want to pursue a one-year diploma course after Most of the work in this field is related to materials, finished good products, purchasing, dispatching, etc.

Duration: 1 year

Career options:
  • Purchasing agentOperations manager
  • Logistician Purchasing manager

Stock Broking

Stockbroking is one of the fascinating career options after Most of the students are interested in the share market. Moreover, This course will provide you with good knowledge of the share market.

Eligibility: Graduation

Duration: 1-3 years

Job opportunities

Capital market specialist

AccoutantsSecurity broker

Security trader Financial manager

Digital Marketing

Yes! You read right, digital marketing is one of the most trending courses because it generates no. of lucrative opportunities to earn money and also improve your skillset within 6 months. There is no boundation of career background anyone can easily learn this course.

Furthermore, it is one of the best Job-oriented courses after

Let’s explore more about digital marketing as it is one of the trending courses.

What is digital marketing?

Digital marketing is a modern way of marketing a product or service using online platforms. Moreover, it makes it easier to reach the target audience. We can promote our products on different platforms like Social media platforms, SERP[search engine result page], websites, etc.

How to learn digital marketing?

Well! It’s not difficult to learn a digital marketing course after Most students face the issue because of a lack of guidance.

So what’s the solution?

There are no. of institutes which provide complete digital marketing course and one the best institute for digital marketing is HIDM[ Hisar institute of digital marketing].HIDM is one of the best institutes of digital marketing. They furnish you with good quality and advanced knowledge of digital marketing.

Let’s talk about the course structure of HiDM

Search engine optimization(SEO)

“SEO is not one Time Process”

In simple words, It is the process of maximizing the number of visitors to a particular website. Moreover, It aims to rank a website on SERP( search engine result page).

The technique of HIDM to teach SEO?

Well! HIDM makes it easier to learn SEO, they help you learn the complete backend process. Furthermore, they assist you with on-page optimization and Off-page optimization of a website.

Social Media Marketing(SMM)

“All about maintaining social media activeness”

Though social media marketing is about maintaining regular content over your account. But how to improve the visibility of your account to reach the target audience? Well! That’s what HIDM will help you to improve. Moreover, it will teach you to advertise a product cost-effectively, i.e., a person only has to pay for impressions that result in the visitor.

Mobile marketing

“Helps you to reach your target audience”

It is a multi-channel, digital marketing strategy which aims at reaching the target audience over their smartphones. Mobile marketing is the simplest way to reach your audience through SMS, E-mail.

Why did mobile marketing win over traditional marketing?

In the modern era, you can reach more audiences, especially the one you need to target for your product. Whereas, traditional marketing generates lots of unwanted audiences and is way more expensive than mobile marketing.

Learn with HIDM to generate ad campaigns and generate leads for your target audience.

Affiliate marketing

“ doing marketing and sales of external business”

In this, you have to promote and improve the visibility of an external business which will give you commission on increasing their customers by your marketing efforts.

What’s the role of HIDM in this?

HIDM will assist you to generate more sales and marketing which will increase your affiliate earnings.

Content Marketing and Blogging

The most demanded skill because quality content is one of the basic techniques to rank your site at the top among your competitors. Moreover, writing content on your site improves the visibility and trust of your audience. A person can earn through this by using simple techniques.

Well! HIDM provides you a bonus –They assist you in writing content, and teach you how to market that content.

E-mail marketing

 This skill captures the huge market itself.

The benefit of Email marketing?

Well, this helps you to build a trustworthy relationship with your customer. moreover, it also helps to update your customer with your new product and services.

Website Designing

“No need for coding to build a website”

We don’t need to learn complex coding to build a website, by learning simple software we can cost-effectively build a website. In this modern era, every business wants to go online. So the website plays an important part in improving the visibility of a business.

How HIDM will teach this skill?

They assist you differently, from basic to advance level in which you don’t require any coding knowledge.

Graphic Designing

“to improve the design skills for the website”

This course includes graphic designing to make your site looks good.

Why HIDM includes this skill?

Well! The motive behind this is to make you independent in terms of designing work either for your site or for your clients.
Why HIDM for digital marketing after
  • 30+ Deeply Discussed Modules
  • Certification from Google, Hubspot, Microsoft
  • Extensive course content
  • Affordable fees
  • Hosting of seminars
  • 15+ tools
  • Job assistance
  • Training by Digital marketing professional
  • Live projects and practical training under private limited for 2 months.
  • Internship opportunities

Career options after in digital marketing

  • Web content manager
  • Online reputation manager
  • Online leads manager
  • Marketplace manager
  • Digital account manager
  • Social media marketer
  • Online advertisement


HIDM is a venture of Jugaadin Digital Services Pvt. Ltd. HIDM is a young and premier institute of north India that aims to bridge the gap between the industry’s increasing digital training needs and the availability of trained talent. HIDM chooses to offer a career-oriented education that helps in enhancing the confidence of an individual and makes him stand out of crowd.

About Digital Marketing trainer Er. Manmohan Singla

Er. Manmohan singla(, in CSE, MBA) is a Digital marketing professional with 8+years of working experience in core digital marketing specialties: search engine optimization(SEO), Social media optimization (SMO), and business development. He is proficient in developing, executing, and managing strategic and ROI-driven digital advertising campaigns for his clients.

Conclusion: A various lucrative opportunities are waiting for you after All you need is to choose the right career option and if you are looking for 6 months diploma course after, digital marketing is the best course.

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