Types of Email-Marketing

What is Email Marketing?

E-Mail marketing refers to that marketing in which we use email to promote products and services. It is a part of marketing that establishes a connection with online users through email. In email marketing, we use email to send advertisements or to request business proposals. Before we step down into types of Email Marketing firstly we talk about uses of email marketing

What are the common uses of email marketing?

  • It helps to boosts sales 
  •  It generates leads 
  • It builds credibility 
  • Always look professional 
  • It attracts new clients

Types of Email Marketing 

Welcome Emails:- A welcome email is sent to users after they sign up for the email list By sending a welcome email, businesses try to get appreciation from new users because it will help to gain a potential lead. While writing a welcome email, always try to craft eye-catchy content because it will help to get a high click-through rate.

Welcome Email |Types of Email Marketing|
Welcome Email – Types of Email Marketing Image Source:- Instapage.com

Educational Emails:- These types of emails are a substantial way to market any brand and help the audience to gain basic information about the business. This email is mainly used by colleges and university administrations to notify students about courses and their structure. 

Educational Emails |Types of Email Marketing |
Educational Emails- Types of Email Marketing Image Source:- Sendpulse.com

Promotional emails:-This type of email is used by large and small-scale businesses to promote products and services. In Promotional emails, service-providing companies use it as a medium to send content related to marketing. 

Promotional Email |Types of Email Marketing|
Promotional Email- Types of Email Marketing Image Source:- Mailigen.com

Lead Nurturing:- It is one of the important types of email because it helps a businessman to convert leads into paying customers. This kind of email is much more effective than a normal email, but the main problem is that it takes a lot of time and effort to create an attractive nurturing email. In a lead nurturing email, convincing users to click on a given CTA is the main task. 

Lead Nurturing |Types of Email Marketing|
Lead Nurturing – Types of Email Marketing
Image source:- Hubspot.com

Newsletters Emails:- Newsletters emails are the first most and most popular type of email. This email is almost used by every email marketer in the world because attractive email can boost website visitors. It helps to convert subscribers into paying customers. Newsletters Email plays a very important role in Email Marketing because this can showcase a company’s reputation.

Newsletters Email |Types of Email Marketing|
Newsletters Email – Types of Email Marketing Image source:- socialmediastrategiessummit.com

Direct Email:– This type of email is used to communicate with promotional messages. The company collects a list of customers and sends direct promotional messages. Direct emails include postcards with an offer, coupons, etc.

Dedicated Emails:- This type of email campaign helps to reach out to the entire database and minimize unsubscribes.

Review Email:- These types of emails are important for any business. It helps new customers to purchase from the business. A review email connects a business to its customers more effectively as customers give their loyal response towards products and services which in turn help the business to grow better.

Review Email |Types of Email Marketing|
Review Email – Types of Email Marketing Image Source:- reviews.com

Transcriptional Email:- Transcriptional emails are used by E-commerce platforms to send the receipt and confirm the order through Email. In this email,  a CTA button is placed in the email that can redirect users directly into the cart. Many e-commerce sites send an email like “That your product is missing in the cart click below the link”.

Transcriptional Email |Types of Email Marketing|
Transcriptional Email – Types of Email Marketing Image source:- bigcommerce.com

Standalone emails:- Today, email marketers choose to craft and send standalone emails because marketers have begun to figure out that multiple goals with CTA buttons in an email are not engaging. Standalone emails are better than any email because sometimes users may ignore the email that contains more than 2 CTAs. So, always choose to send a standalone email with a single goal to get more users.

Standalone Emails |Types of Email Marketing|
 Standalone Emails-Types of Email Marketing Image Source:- Foundr.com

Email marketing is an online marketing element that improves the customer experience. The structure of the message and content is highly relevant to the target group and it’s an effective form of marketing that gains brand loyalty.

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