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Types of keyword and SEO

Types of keyword and SEO

In this article, we will talk about types of keywords and keywords for SEO. Why keyword is important? The answer is very simple because everyone while surfing the internet search for a particular keyword. Website Traffic is dependent on keywords. So it is very important to know about types of keywords while doing blogging or handling websites. If we come to know about the working of keywords, then we will be able to generate traffic on the website for a particular keyword easily. Keyword planning is a part of SEO. We should learn about keyword planning tools to do keyword planning. The below section will talk about which is the best keyword planning tool and how this keyword planning tool works.

If you are a businessman and selling your product online, then keyword planning is an important task. For Example, if someone has a shoe business, then that person should know about which kind of shoe-related keywords is having more traffic to know about the market trend.

Let’s talk about different types of keywords:-

Types of keyword

1. Short tail keywords :

These are those keywords that are short in size(contains 2-3 or fewer words). These types of keywords have huge traffic but also have very high competition. Long term keywords also have short keywords as their part but long term is more detailed. An example of short term keyword is shoes in the above-mentioned Shoe business. So this is one of the Types of keyword and SEO

Competition:- High, Traffic:- Very high (depends on the category or keyword)

2. Long-tail keywords

long term keywords have more than 2-3 words. And this type of keyword is more detailed as compared to short-tail keywords because short-tail keywords are only a subpart of these keywords. These keywords can be very helpful if you know how to use them. This keyword is also used by most of the companies to define their product to bring sales.

Competition:- less, Traffic:- Moderate

Example:- Best sports shoes.

3. Short term viral keywords

These keywords are basically viral keywords that derive traffic for less time but contain huge traffic. These kinds of keywords are easy to rank and also generate a huge amount of traffic to a blog or website. Any viral event keyword is an example of a short term viral keyword.

Competition:- Moderate, Traffic:- Very high ( for a short time period )

4. Long term evergreen keywords

These keywords are general queries that remain unchangeable with the change of time but the solution to these queries needs improvement with the change of time.

Competition :- Low , Traffic :- Continuous

5. Geo targeting keywords

This kind of keyword contains a city or a state. Let’s know with an example. For example:- Best Digital Marketing institute in Hisar. In this kind of keyword, there is a location Hisar. So these keywords are known as geo-targeting keywords. Many local shopkeepers of particular places target such kinds of keywords, to convert local online traffic to their shops or institutes.

6. Customer defining keywords

In such types of keywords, the type of customers is defined. For example:- Shoes for men. In this, men as a customer are defined. These kinds of keywords are mostly used by businesses to sell their product online or offline.

7. Product defining keywords

In such keywords, products are defined. There is a short description of a product is given in these kinds of keywords. For example black 4GB RAM phone. In this, 4GB and black colour is the short description of a product. Product defining keywords are used when some kind of product is being sold by anyone else or there is competition in the market. These kinds of keywords can bring huge traffic to a website because many people search for products by providing descriptions of a product in the search bar.

8. Intent targeting keywords

Intent targeting keyword is of 3 categories:-


  Every user wants to know about the details of a product before purchasing it. So this keyword tends to appear in an informational way to the customer. This keyword is informational and its purpose is to educate people.


So if after reading the information, the user is willing to buy the product. Then this category provides them details and cost of the product.


This is the step before a person place an order. At this step, compare of products, best deals and offers occur.

These are the examples of types of keyword and SEO

What is a Keyword planning tool? why and How to use it?

For keyword planning, there is a tool known as Google keyword planner in Google ads. This tool is very useful to know the detail of any type of keyword, this tool is used by many people.

More uses of google keyword planner

It is mostly used for discovering new keywords

To search the traffic of your keywords

It is very helpful in creating a google ads campaign.

To discover the cost of keywords.

To use google keyword planner, simple visit ads.google.com and sign in there, there you may find the switch to expert mode at the bottom, click on it. After click on it, the new screen will come, there you find to create an account without a campaign .now you can find google keyword planner in tools. keyword planner guide


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