What is subdomain

What is a subdomain?


There is a huge debate on whether a subdomain’s name affects the SEO Process or not and how does it affect, in a positive way or negative way? Well, some people say that subdomain affects SEO in a positive way while others say it affects Seo in a negative way. So here we will talk about subdomain names, their effect on SEO in the article. A subdomain name is very helpful also because it clarifies the type of domain name. Before starting the benefits and role of subdomain names,  we will talk about the actual meaning of subdomain names.

What is Subdomain?

A subdomain name is a domain that is a part of other (main) domain.

For example, Xyz.abc.com, where abc is the main domain name and xyz is a sub-domain name.

Basically, subdomain is used by beginners who want to get a domain name free to practice blogging

Google provides a free domain name for blogging with the subdomain name, blogspot.com

A subdomain can be useful while ranking your website on Google because some domain name consists of keywords like shop.abc.com

Here shop subdomain name is identifying the type of website which is helpful for users while surfing.

What is a subdomain?
Subdomain name

How to get a free subdomain name?

 There are many website builders that provide subdomain names for free. You can also buy domain names from them. For example- blogger provides you with a free subdomain for blogging.

For creating a subdomain name, there are many websites like GoDaddy, Namecheap, Cloudflare and many others. There you can make a subdomain. The function of every site is different, so every subdomain name provider will guide you on how to create a subdomain on their website.

What is subdomain Name forwarding?

Subdomain forwarding allows you to create a subdomain to forward to specific domain URLs. for example

Abc.example.com to Qwerty.com

Qwerty.example.com to abc.com

This is very helpful in generating huge traffic

More examples of the subdomain name

Like using a blog as a subdomain name

Example:- blog.xyz.com

Here blog is used as a sub-domain name, which is identifying the website as a blogging website

Using App as a subdomain name

Example:- app.xyz.com

Here app is used as  a subdomain name, which is identifying website to app related website

Using portfolio as a subdomain name

Example:- portfolio.xyz.com

Here portfolio is used as a subdomain name, which is identifying website to portfolio related website.

A subdomain name is very helpful in identifying the type of website. Here try to mention Subdirectories, or relate subdirectories before explaining subdirectories

Many people got confused between subdirectories and subdomain names. So now let us talk about subdirectories

What are subdirectories?

It is an organizational directory on a computer that is located within another directory. So the simple answer is because it makes the site systematic and clean and it becomes easier for the user of the website to access it. Basically, these kinds of subdirectories are found on the header of a home page, when the user clicks on these directories new page open related to that subdirectories.

Example of subdirectories


Here blog is a subdirectory

Both subdomain name and subdirectories have their own benefits, it depends upon the needs of the user. Some people say that subdomain and subdirectories can perform equally well.

What is Subdirectories?

The advantage in SEO using a subdomain name

It makes the website more user friendly, as it contains the type of website in the subdomain name only, so it becomes easier for the user to get the proper results.

If you take keywords in the URL, then there is a chance to get rank higher and early.

It also helps in promoting the name of your business, suppose if you choose keywords in a subdomain name and company name in the main domain name then your subdomain name with the domain name may rank higher.

Some people say that it has disadvantages too, that affect SEO in negative ways,   they say that it is unhealthy for domain ranking, but there are different opinions related to this.


Subdomain names and subdirectories both have the potential to rank on Google. Subdomain ranking also depends on the quality and quantity of content on the website. Ultimately try to post quality content on your website which plays a major role in the ranking of a website. Subdomain And sub directories both can help but the website also requires to have quality content on the website. And Other factors like on-page SEO and off-page Seo also matters in website ranking. So try to focus on every method of digital marketing you know to rank best on Google search engines.

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Making your content on a subdomain name and subdirectories depends on the type of your work. I hope you like our article.

Feel free to comment if you have any queries related to this article.

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