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Do you know about Website Template and WordPress Themes?

As we know, a website is a collection of web pages with a variety of content in it like text, audio, video, images, etc. And to store all the data and webpages we require some online space said to be web hosting. Web pages consist of various layouts so that website should look more attractive to the user. And if the user finds anything attractive, he/she will stay for more time on the site which increases the time spent on the site by the user. It means it is very necessary to work on a website template or layout.

What is a Website Template?

A website template is an already designed well-structured website with a comprehensive layout and display features. Website templates, page templates, or web page templates all are the same thing. Developers simply use HTML, CSS, jQuery, JavaScript, and Bootstrap to create impressive and attractive web templates. There are many developers who create all these website templates so that a person who can’t code can create websites easily. The best part about these website templates is you don’t need to do anything to make them mobile-responsive specifically.

A website template consists of a variety of navigation menus, good-looking sliders, customized body content with the best coordination of images and graphics, and a footer with the call to action. It also consists of all basic required pages like About, Contact, Services, etc. We can easily make changes in the website templates with the help of the Content Management System (CMS). These website templates also pass the Google Mobile-Friendly Test, hence verified as Mobile Responsive templates.

Website Template Designs
Website Template Designs

There are two types of website templates:-

  • The first one is provided by WordPress for free of cost so that everyone can access it easily without paying a single penny said to be a Freemium website template.
  • The second one is provided by the developers as a premium WordPress Theme or website template which solves the problems of specific businesses also. For example, If you are a yoga instructor, you can choose a website template that shows your portfolio and the services provided by you. The developers of the Premium website template may also charge for maintenance, annually. Premium themes are also well synchronized, sophisticated, customizable, and more advanced as compared to free WordPress themes.

What is Content Management System (CMS)? What are the features required to choose it for your website template?

A system that is used to manage all the content required to design a website without using any code is known as Content Management System (CMS). Many Content Management Systems (CMS) are also available in the market like WordPress, Joomla, Wix, Drupal, Magento, PrestaShop, etc. which provides you ease to use the template and make changes accordingly by just drag and drop the elements of the website template. Nowadays there are many web hosting services provider who sell their own Content Management System (CMS) with their products and services.

WordPress Content Management System
Joomla Content Management System
Wix Content Management System
Drupal Content Management System
Magento Content Management System
PrestaShop Content Management System

The features required to choose a good CMS for your website template are:-

  • It should be easy to use.
  • It should provide a variety of Design Options for customization.
  • Data Portability should be great so that users can import or export data easily.
  • It should provide Extensions and addons or Plugins to extend the features.
  • It should also provide Help and Support Options.
  • Last but not least, its cost should be reliable.

WordPress is the most popular Content Management System (CMS) present in the market. It is used by almost 40% of the top 10 million websites. It has approximately 8,750 free themes and 58,463 plugins available. WordPress also allows its users to design their custom themes.

What is a WordPress Theme?

WordPress Themes
WordPress Themes

WordPress Theme is the cluster of various website templates used for different types of fields, like e-commerce, portfolio, travel, hotel or restaurant, yoga fitness, health, education, etc. There are many free WordPress theme providers available in the market. Almost every theme comes up with a basic layout so that users can try it and go for premium if they need more extraordinary features. Envato Theme Forest, Elegant, StudioPress, Astra, MyThemeShop, Themify are some of the WordPress Theme providers. Theme Forest is the most popular WordPress Theme provider in the market which provides more than 11,000 WordPress themes. Divi is one of the best multipurpose themes by Elegant.

Is there any need for a theme in WordPress?

No. It is not necessary to have a theme. CMS provides a variety of website builders which help you to create or design your personalized website easily. The only benefit to use a WordPress theme is, it saves a lot of time to choose the color scheme, fonts, typography, etc.

How to select a WordPress Theme?

  • It should have an attractive layout.
  • Content on it should be lightweight as sometimes images and videos present in the default theme took large space which increases the page load time.
  • Its Page load time should be low.
  • It should provide customer support with a knowledge base or FAQs.
  • Should be compatible with all plug-ins.
  • Should be responsive for other devices.

Modifying all the elements is possible without knowing any of the web coding languages with the help of these website templates and WordPress themes. So I consider you may be aware of Website templates, Content Management Systems (CMS), and WordPress themes now. Thanks for staying on reading it at the end. Hope you find this article informative and useful.

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